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UNSPECIFIED (2013) Biodiversitet. Rapport från Future Forests 2009-2012. [Report] (Submitted)

UNSPECIFIED (2013) Future Forests Magazine. [Factsheet]

UNSPECIFIED (2013) Future Forets Årsrapport. [Report] (Submitted)

UNSPECIFIED (2013) Mark och vatten. Rapport från Future Forests 2009-2012. [Report] (Submitted)

UNSPECIFIED (2013) Skog & Framtid Nr 1. [Factsheet]

UNSPECIFIED (2013) Skog & Framtid Nr 2. [Factsheet]

UNSPECIFIED (2013) Skogens skötsel. Rapport från Future Forests 2009-2012. [Report] (Submitted)

UNSPECIFIED (2013) Skogspolitik och styrning. Rapport från Future Forests 2009-2012. [Report] (Submitted)

UNSPECIFIED (2013) Svampar och insekter. Rapport från Future Forests 2009-2012. [Report] (Submitted)

UNSPECIFIED (2013) Värderingar och attityder. Rapport från Future Forests 2009-2012. [Report] (Submitted)

Akerblom, Staffan and Bishop, Kevin and Bjorn, Erik and Lambertsson, Lars and Eriksson, Tobias and Nilsson, Mats B. (2013) Significant interaction effects from sulfate deposition and climate on sulfur concentrations constitute major controls on methylmercury production in peatlands. Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 102. pp. 1-11. ISSN 0016-7037

Andersson, Mats and Boman, Mattias and Gong, Peichen (2013) Vad vill skogsägaren satsa på? [Factsheet]

Backström, Bo Göran and Östlund, Lars (2013) En bruksskogs historia: Finspångs bruk under 300 år. Future Forests, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet. ISBN 9163741660

Beland Lindahl, Karin and Baker, Susan and Waldenström, Cecilia (2013) Place Perceptions and Controversies over Forest Management: Exploring a Swedish Example. Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning, 15 (2). pp. 201-223. ISSN 1523-908X

Bjorkman, Christer and Lindelow, Ake and Eklund, Karin and Kyrk, Staffan and Klapwijk, Maartje J. and Fedderwitz, Frauke and Nordlander, Goran (2013) A rare event - an isolated outbreak of the pine-tree lappet moth (Dendrolimus pini) in the Stockholm archipelago. Entomologisk Tidskrift, 134 (1-2). pp. 1-9. ISSN 0013-886X

Bjärstig, Therese (2013) The Swedish forest sector's approach to a formalized forest policy within the EU. Forest Policy and Economics, 26. pp. 131-137. ISSN 1389-9341

Bjärstig, Therese and Keskitalo, E. (2013) How to Influence Forest-Related Issues in the European Union? Preferred Strategies among Swedish Forest Industry. Forests, 4 (3). pp. 693-709. ISSN 1999-4907

Björkman, Christer and Felton, Adam and Boberg, Johanna and Widenfalk, Olof (2013) Ekologiska risker med exotiska trädslag. [Factsheet]

Boman, Mattias and Fredman, Peter and Lundmark, Linda and Ericsson, Göran (2013) Outdoor recreation – A necessity or a luxury? Estimation of Engel curves for Sweden. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, 3–4. pp. 49-56. ISSN 2213-0780

Chudy, Rafal and Abt, Robert C. and Jonsson, Ragnar and Prestemon, Jeffery P. and Cubbage, Frederick W. (2013) Modelling the impacts of EU bioenergy demand on the forest sector och the southeast U.S. Journal of Energy and Power Engineering, 7 (6). pp. 1073-1081.

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Ellison, David and Petersson, Hans and Lundblad, Mattias and Wikberg, Per-Erik (2013) The incentive gap: LULUCF and the Kyoto mechanism before and after Durban. Global Change Biology Bioenergy, 5 (6). pp. 599-622. ISSN 1757-1693

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Eriksson, Louise and Nordlund, Annika M. and Westin, Kerstin (2013) The general public's support for forest policy in Sweden: a value belief approach. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 56 (6). pp. 850-867. ISSN 0964-0568

Felton, Adam and Boberg, Johanna and Bjorkman, Christer and Widenfalk, Olof (2013) Identifying and managing the ecological risks of using introduced tree species in Sweden's production forestry. Forest Ecology and Management, 307. pp. 165-177. ISSN 0378-1127

Gamfeldt, Lars and Snall, Tord and Bagchi, Robert and Jonsson, Micael and Gustafsson, Lena and Kjellander, Petter and Ruiz-Jaen, Maria C. and Froberg, Mats and Stendahl, Johan and Philipson, Christopher D. and Mikusinski, Grzegorz and Andersson, Erik and Westerlund, Bertil and Andren, Henrik and Moberg, Fredrik and Moen, Jon and Bengtsson, Jan (2013) Higher levels of multiple ecosystem services are found in forests with more tree species. Nature Communications, 4. ISSN 2041-1723

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Kraxner, Florian and Nordstrom, Eva-Maria and Havlik, Petr and Gusti, Mykola and Mosnier, Aline and Frank, Stefan and Valin, Hugo and Fritz, Steffen and Fuss, Sabine and Kindermann, Georg and McCallum, Ian and Khabarov, Nikolay and Boettcher, Hannes and See, Linda and Aoki, Kentaro and Schmid, Erwin and Mathe, Laszlo and Obersteiner, Michael (2013) Global bioenergy scenarios - Future forest development, land-use implications, and trade-offs. Biomass & Bioenergy, 57. pp. 86-96. ISSN 0961-9534

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Valinia, Salar and Futter, Martyn and Bishop, Kevin (2013) Vattendirektivet - en inbyggd konflikt och en väg framåt, Supplement. [Factsheet]

Valinia, Salar and Futter, Martyn and Bishop, Kevin (2013) Vattendirektivet – En inbyggd konflikt och en väg framåt. [Factsheet]

Wallertz, Kristina and Malmqvist, Cecilia (2013) The effect of mechanical site preparation methods on the establishment of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) and Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) in southern Sweden. Forestry, 86 (1). pp. 71-78. ISSN 0015-752X

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